Technical Notes

Technical notes on Higher Order Ambisonics and related subjects.

HOA Technical Notes - B-Format Rotation

Once you have a B-Format audio stream, it's possible to manipulate it in various ways. For instance, you can rotate it using matrix multiplication. This moves all material in the soundfield.

HOA Technical Notes - 3D7.1

First of all, what is 7.1? Well, 7.1 is a speaker layout and sound format used for surround sound. It expects seven normal speakers and one subwoofer (bass) speaker, and these are set out roughly in a circle around the listener (we say roughly, but there are recommended angles). Quite a few computers and Hi-Fis now support this layout. But, it's not 3D. Because all the channels are at the same height, it's hard to make sounds appear to come from above or below.